Hello there I have a topic for us today its something that i came up with, well not really that i came up with it, its probably been there a while, I just decided to attach my thumb print to it so I can call it something, when Isaac Newton discovered the laws of motion they were called Newton’s Laws of motion, so i am calling this the Principle Of Gradually
One thing is certain, if you want to make it in life, if you have to make it in your business, or in your career, or in your relationship you have to understand that in every single sphere there is an ecosystem and in that ecosystem there is a principle and that principle is the Principle Of gradually.
I have been to many events that went through the all night and one thing I loved was going outside and seeing the sun rise, it is simply beautiful, the rising of the sun is not fast, its not slow, it’s not at full speed the rising of the sun is gradual.

I was telling my friend the other day that when am doing something, or learning something, or working on something I don’t do it fast, I don’t do it slow, I do it gradually.There is a pace that is applicable to me that may not be applicable to someone else.
The reason people don’t make it in life is because they want instant gratification, they want everything to just happen quickly and when things don’t happen as quickly as they want them to happen they quit and say it doesn’t work, they do not understand that all things function by the principle of gradually.
Just like trees dont grow overnight, they grow gradually
Plants don’t grow at once, they grow gradually, flowers don’t bloom overnight they bloom gradually.
When a baby is born, that baby cannot just become a full grown adult at once, the baby grows to become an adult gradually
Things dont always happen as quickly as you want them to happen, things doesn’t happen fast and they do not happen slow, things happen gradually.

The principle of gradually has made it so that things should happen bit by bit, step by step, phase after phase, level after level, time after time.
It’s nowonder there are grades in school, it’s nowonder there is days, weeks, months and years, it’s nowonder there is morning, afternoon, evening and night.
You cannot just become rich immediately, you can not become successful overnight, you cannot just have all you want at once you have got to understand that success submits to the principle of gradually
Growth happens gradually.
Organizations and businesses are built gradually.
People develop and mature gradually.
Success happens gradually.
There is a saying that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

It’s going to take you a while to succeed, and a while to reach your goals, and a while to get all you want in life and a while to become your best.
Don’t be discouraged,don’t quit just because things are not happening as quickly or as fast as you want them to happen keep pressing, keep moving, you will win if you don’t give up.
The principle of gradually works by process, patience, persistence and a willingness to wait.

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In 1961 the former president of the United State America John F Kennedy said to the American public and to the world that “We are going to the moon” and no country on earth had ever made that kind of bold declaration.

Now I would love to ask, how did he come to the place to make that decision? did the technology, the engineers and the budget suggest that this could be done? emphatically No.
The engineers had no clue, computers did not exist, there was no technology that suggested that this is how it can be done, there was no plan of action that suggested that if we do this and that it would give us the capacity to go to the moon, absolutely no, none of those things existed.
But how did he come to the conclusion that he could make the decision and make that declaration to the world.

May I submit to you that it happened with only five words.
John F Kennedy looked at Wernher Von Braun who was one of the most brilliant Germany scientist at that time and asked him what will it take for us to go to the moon? And without blinking Wernher Von Braun said “The Will To Do It”….wow!
That was all that was said, “The Will To Do It” and surely they did go to the moon and the rest is history

Here is the point
What will it take for you to achieve the success that you want? The will to do it.
What will it take for you to live your dreams? The will to do it.
What will it take for you to go to school and further your education? The will to do it.
What will it take for you to be rich? The will to do it.
What will it take for you to travel the world? The will to do it.
What will it take for you to make more money? The will to do it.
What will it take for you to win, to be happy, to get out of debt, to overcome bad habits, it’s “The Will To Do It”

Were there is a will guess what? there is a way
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Defined as the reason for which something exists, is made, and done
All of us were created with and for a purpose, there is not a single one of us here on earth who exists without purpose
God had a purpose for creating you and he created you with a purpose
You carry purpose within you don’t live for nothing
You were created because there was something God wanted done here on earth that required you to be done, something that only you can do and initiate
You have a responsibility to yourself to find out what the purpose for your life is and to fulfil it. Find out what the reason for your being is and why you exist.
So now how can you discover your purpose

The first thing you must do to discover your purpose is to develop a strong sense of self. know who you are and what fits for you, ask yourself the question, who am I, what do I have within me, what resonates with me, what turns me on, what is it that defines me, what’s my significance, until you know who you are you can never know what your purpose is.

The second is to find out what your passions and gifts are
Find out what it is that you are passionate about, something you love to do, find out what your gift and talent is and the other thing is to find out what your life’s work is because all of these act as indicators for what your purpose is.
Once you find what your purpose is then set out to fulfil it and part of what you must do to fulfil that purpose is accept who you are and be aware of it, follow your passions, embrace your gifts.

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I woke up one day, on a certain day not many months from now,I woke up very early in the morning at 4am as I usually wake up at that time when its nice and quiet,at that time I can actually read, write and engage in some reflective thinking on life and on so some other things. So as I woke up a thought came to me and it hit me, it hit me so hard, so strong if it was a stack of bricks it would have crushed me, if it was a snake it would have bit me, and this was the thought that came
It’s not what you do, its the reason with which you do it that counts

I paused for a while and I asked myself a question,  what’s the reason I do what I do?
One of the things I love to do is writing, but then I asked myself why do i write? What’s the point of writing if what am writing cannot transmit wisdom, information or even motivation and inspiration? and those are the reasons I write.

Because even when someone is reading what you wrote that is actually eating up their time
So having thought about that for a while, I came up with a principle, I have several principles that I came up with all by myself and this is one of them
If what I write takes someone two minutes to read, I have to make sure that what I write adds two days of wisdom to their life
If what I wrote takes you two hours to read I make sure what I wrote gives two years of your life back.
Now how is that possible you may ask, well the answer is PRINCIPLES
This all world is run on principle and these principles are sometimes referred to as laws, so you can actually make laws for yourself, not laws that go against nature, but laws that apply to you because you are the one that set them up.

Okay here is my point it’s not enough to just do what you do, you have to have a strong reason for doing it, and it’s your reason that even makes other people buy into what you do
So what’s the reason you do what you do?
Your reasons are your power
I have found the reasons for doing what I do and I hope you also have. I just thought of sharing this, stay blessed
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There are two types of relationships, nourishing relationships and toxic relationships

Nourishing relationships, they bring the best out of you, they inspire and encourage you,  nourishing relationships are relationships you can learn and grow from,  these are relationships that empower you and encourage you to do and be better, nourishing relationships are relationships with people who believe in you, care about you and encourage you, people who want only the best out of you, people who can take you to a place within yourself you cannot go by yourself.
Nourishing relationships are relationships that empower and build you up.

Toxic relationships, these are relationships that drain your energy, make you feel inferior, and make you feel like there is nothing of value in you, toxic relationships, they discourage you, they talk you out of your dreams.Toxic relationships are relationships with people who always tell you what you can’t do, how bad you are,how weak you are,how lazy you are, that you are not as talented, you are not good enough, constantly reminding you of your limitations and failures of the past.
Toxic relationships are relationships that drain you and destroy your sense of worth.

So look at the relationships that you are in  and ask yourself these questions,
What is this relationship doing to me? is it making me better or making me worse?
Is it empowering me or draining me?
Does it build me up or destroy me?
Is it a nourishing relationship or a toxic relationship?
Ask yourself these questions and make a resolution
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Some people call FEAR False Evidence Or Expectations Appearing Real.

We all have fears don’t we? yes we do
But there is a difference between having fear and letting fear have you.
Fear is a stopper,it stops people from doing the things they want and love to do.
Fear is a killer, fear kills dreams, fears kills hope, fear kills ambitions
Most People are not living their dream because they are living their fears
The reason why most people don’t manifest their greatness is because of fear,
The reason most people are not doing all that they want to do is because of fear
The fear of failure, fear of not being good enough, fear of not being liked,fear of rejection, fear of shame, fear of the unknown, the fear of death and all other fears.
Now allow me to ask you a question what are some fears that you are holding on to, what are you afraid of? what are you scared of?
Its very important to acknowledge and know your fears because only then can you be able to conquer them.
Now its okay to have some fear but don’t let fear have you,don’t let fear stop you from doing the things you want and love to do

Lee Brown said before you are boxed and buried decide that you are going to box and burry your fears.

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Commit yourself to be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind, to talk health, happiness and prosperity to yourself everyday, to make all people around you feel like there is something in them, to look at the sunny side of everything and make your optimism come true, to think only of the best, to work only for the best, and expect only the best, to be just as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about your own, to forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future, to wear cheerful countenance at all time and give every living creature you meet a smile, to give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you have no time to criticise others, to be too large for worry too noble for anger, too strong for fear and too happy to permit the presence of trouble..commit yourself to these things.