King solomon had a good head on his shoulders, a smart guy, the wisest that ever lived they say
But nothing could stop him from losing his mind every time he saw his beloved
He screamed of his love from the mountain top
He shouted his devotion in the valley
He even wrote it all down and let millions of people read it

Jacob was wondering through the region of Haran, when all of the sudden he saw Rachel and immediately he knew she had to be his
So he volunteered to work seven long years in exchange for her hand
Only problem was after seven long years he was given the wrong girl, Leah
So Jacob set out to work for another seven long years to get his Rachel

Hosea was a prophet with one unique calling from God
Mary that prostitute God said.
Now Gomer was not the ideal wife so
She run away, gave herself to other men but Hosea had a calling and no matter how many times she run away, no matter how many men she gave herself to, Hosea still loved her

Its no wonder Christ who is the king of kings and Lord of Lords, for love’s sake abdicated his throne and descended to rescue a people who didn’t even care
He placed himself in harms way, he was put to shame, nailed to a tree.

He [was] wounded for our transgressions, [he was] bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace [was] upon him; and with his stripes we were healed, and it’s all because he loved us.
Love indeed can make you do crazy things.
Thank you for reading.




Speaking in tongues is the highest level of prayer, it is by far the highest form of communication with a holy God.
Tongues are inspired utterances in an unknown tongue.
There are people who think speaking in tongues is not as relevant, well I think that such people have not yet fully understood what speaking in tongues is all about.
To begin with I would love to mention that speaking in tongues is not for denominations, it is for every Christian.
The importance of speaking in tongues can never be over emphasized.
Now let me point out here some reasons as to why speaking in tongues is so necessary and very important.

1.There are no words from you as a human being that are holy and worthy enough to effectively communicate with a holy God.
Do you think you can use the words of this world to effectively communicate with a holy and righteous God, those words going through the mind, the very mind that has conceived all kind of evil and negativity.
The other aspect is of God being a all knowing God and that before you open your mouth he knows what you want to say, so then the question is what can you say to someone who already knows everything, what would you tell him.
The words of this world aren’t just worthy enough to be used to effectively communicate with a holy God.
Even in our praise and worship of God, there are no words in our vocabulary that is fit to describe God.
What word in our vocabulary can you use to describe a God who is beyond description, a God whose wisdom, nature, ability and way of being can’t compare with anything in this world.
Let me submit to you that you need something more than the words of your understanding to communicate effectively with God almighty.

2.Human language is in it’s expression limited, sometimes corrupt and often time so selfish in nature and as such it cannot appeal before a righteous and holy God.
So it’s no wonder God gave us divine vocabulary (the speaking in other tongue) so that we can communicate with him at a higher level in the spirit and the words spoken in other tongues are given by the holy Spirit(Acts 2:4) they are not from this world and they do not go through the mind, they go direct from the spirit to God.
The word says in 1 Corinthians 14:14, when you speak or pray in other tongues your spirit prays, but your understanding(in other words your mind) is unfruitful, that means the mind is not involved.
And those words spoken in other tongues are the cleanest, holiest and by far the most beautiful words to be presented to God by an individual, because they are in the first place given by the Spirit of God, the bible in Acts 2:4 says they spoke in other tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance.
God gave us the ability to speak in other tongues so that we can communicate with him more effectively and at higher levels in the spirit.

The other reasons speaking in tongues is important is.
1.Speaking in other tongues assists in the worship of God.
2.Speaking in tongues brings you in the victory that Christ Jesus has already won.
3.Speaking in other tongues edifies you. 1 Cori 14:4
4.Speaking in tongues can help you understand God’s divine plans and purposes.
5.Speaking in tongues can help you understand the divine will and enable you to tap into divine wisdom.
6.Speaking in tongues can empower you to become an absolute success in everything.
7.Speaking in tongues can help build your faith. Jude 1:20

Do you now see why speaking in tongues is important?
If you have any question you are free to ask in the comment section below thank you for reading


One of the things I have realised about life and many of you have is that living your dreams, acting on your ideals, becoming successful, and changing your life is not as easy as many people will make us feel.
Its not easy overcoming negative habits, its not easy working towards achieving your goals, its not easy picking yourself up after life has knocked you flap on your back, there is a saying “when life knocks you down try to land on your back because if you can look up you can get up”, well that sounds cute but that’s not easy .
If living your dream, becoming successful, reaching your goals was easy everybody will do it, but its hard, no easy is not an option, if it was easy everybody will do it.
It’s hard but it’s also doable.

The good book says all things are possible to him that believes, notice it didn’t say all things are easy to him that believes.
That its possible doesn’t mean it easy.
Its hard when you are working on something and you put in everything you have and it doesn’t work out.
Its hard when people you love and trust turn their back on you and betray you.
It’s hard when you fail at something and you have to start all over again.
Its hard when you have a goal that you want to reach for, and no one is willing to support you.
It’s hard when you want to go to school and further your education but you don’t have the money to do it.
It’s hard when you invest your money in a business and the business fails and you lose your money.
It’s hard loosing people that you love and are dear to you, I lost my Mum and Dad when I was still very young and it wasn’t easy growing up without mum and dad, it was rough it was difficult.
It’s hard just handling the tragedies of life.
It’s hard succeeding at something when all odds are against you.
It’s hard succeeding at something when you don’t have the experience for it, when you don’t have the background for it and when you don’t have enough resources and the support that you need.
It’s no wonder we put in the hard work because its hard.
Sometimes because of things like TV, smartphones and the internet we get this notion, this sense that we can be rich and successful without any hard, chances are it’s not going to happen, the truth of the matter is being successful takes hard work, it takes discipline, it takes determination, it takes commitment, it takes consistency, it takes perseverance and so much more.
Rich and successful people work really hard why? because being rich and successful is hard.
But what you will realise is that it’s worth it.

Denzel Washington said ease is a greater threat to progress than hardship.
When things go hard, don’t give up continual to press on, you will win if you don’t quit.
If it’s hard then do it hard, say to yourself no matter how hard it is or how hard it gets I am going to make it.

Thank you for reading


It started as a small crack in my windshield and when not taken care of it split, splintered until the all thing exploded in my face leaving me in a state of brokenness 
Every piece of me was broken and crumbled to a thousand pieces.
Can I find beauty in my brokenness.
How can i build myself back up when every piece of who I am has being broken to a thousand pieces.
Overwhelmed by my thoughts of fear and doubts, I found myself feeling low and depressed with no sign of rest.
My heart was bending down to fate, a cloud of darkness seemed to have surrounded me.
I grumbled and complained, mumbling words how my life wasn’t fair, with resentments and sorrows that led to despair.
The little light that could lead me had slowly dimmed out.
Is there hope in this mess, can there be meaning in this darkness.

Could there be a way out?! where can an answer to this be found?
And as I bowed down my knees to pray.
His small still voice came calling and showed me the way, reminding me he was still in charge.
Letting me know in spite of my brokenness I could become a mosaic, a picture of pattern produced by putting together small broken pieces and that i could be an art piece, formed from the pieces of me that once put together reveal something far more powerful, far more wonderful and far more appealing than I ever thought of when I was whole.
That my pains and sorrows only add more wood to the fire from which I rise.
And the answer to all this was “Trust in me I can fix it all”
Come to me for i am the light that shines in darkness and it flees away.

The answer I needed to hear all along.
Fear not [there is nothing to fear], for I am with you; do not look around you in terror and be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen and harden you to difficulties, yes, I will help you; yes, I will hold you up and retain you with My [victorious] right hand of rightness and justice. Isaiah 41:10

Thank for reading my poem.


Life is about adding value,impacting lives and contributing to the well being of human kind.

The value of life is not in what you posses, or how much money you have or the position you hold, the value of life is in how much contribution you make and how many lives you continue to impact. One man said we must be ashamed to die until we have made some major contribution to human kind.
The question is what contribution are you making to the well being of man kind, how much value are you adding, how many lives are you impacting, what are you giving, what difference are you making, what change are you initiating?
You can make a difference, you can impact lives, you can contribute to things you feel strongly about, you can initiate positive change, you can add value to peoples lives and yes you can.

Remember this, when you give people a hand they in turn will give you a hand
You were born to prosper and be successful and also to help somebody else do the same, make a commitment to help somebody as you are helping yourself, what you give is what you get.
Am reminded of a story of a 12 years old girl from Georgia who sent a letter to the former president of the United States Barack Obama telling him how hard she was working and about all the community service she did with her brother and she wrote “I try to achieve my dreams and help others do the same, that she said is how the world should work.
And I agree with her that is how the word should work.
Helping others as you are helping yourself is the greatest and most valuable thing in the world.

Thanks for reading today’s segment.


For those who don’t know me my name is Lameck Temi Sichone,am thee last born in the family of six, born and bread in Zambia.
I am a writer, blogger, public speaker and aspiring entrepreneur.
I write to open up a blind eye.
I blog to share views, thoughts and opinions
I speak to change lives, because somebody spoke to me and changed my life
I wanna do business to create jobs and create wealth which I believe will enable me to live a life of contribution.

I am purpose driven and I love to motivate because I am motivated
The word of God is my source of inspiration and motivation.😎
My first major goal is to make my continent proud.
I believe I have something special, that i have genuis in me, that i have greatness within me, I have a dream I want to achieve, I believe I have the ability in me to do more than I can ever begin to image.
I believe i can make my family, my country,and my generation proud and that the world will never be the same again because I have come it’s way.
I don’t let other people’s opinions of me determine my reality🤠
I wanna travel the world, so I can impact the world.
I wanna live effectively, I wanna live a life that will outlive me,a life that counts, and a life that will build a legacy.

Am currently working on my first book tittled “TO A PLACE WITHIN YOU” the book will be a collection of my short inspirational, motivational and education articles that I believe can assist people to get to a place within themselves they may never go by themselves.I intend for the book to hit the shelves God willing next year.

I want to make some major contribution to human kind
I believe life is a fight for territories and that once you stop fighting for what you want what you don’t want will automatically take over.
I didn’t write this to impress you, I wrote this to impress upon you.

That’s my story and am sticking to it.😎


As you will be reading these words, you may be thinking I want you, yes and even more I need you,I need you entirely for eternity, I have loved you before creation, so don’t tell me about Romeo and Juliet plus, that is just imaginary poetry but behold this is outlived reality…I have loved you since and I forever will..
You are smart, beautiful, you are unique.
You are worthy of all of my love and affection.
You are never too much and you are always enough.
You are the most stunning of all of God’s creation.
You are to me worth more than anything you can ever imagine,
You are worth more than a billions diamonds altogether, worth more than the price tag on your clothes, worth more than the percentage on your math test,worth more than the hair product you use.
Your worth surpasses all earthly things, because in my eyes you are loved and you were worth dying for
Regardless of who you think you are
Whether you miss popular or have never had anyone you can call a friend.
Whether you love yourself or not.
Whether you are such a winner or feel like the world’s biggest failure.
whether you are on the hot list or not list.
You may think you dark, but no! you are light and lovely behold you are fair.
And the reality is you deserved someone who would give up their life for you because you are worth it.
I have had nails for your nails, and ashes for your lashes, My body fully extended to the tree.
I shout of my love for you through every word written in the scriptures.
Sense my craving for you and realise I love you.
(The words of Christ to his bride his beloved the church)

Thank you for reading.


Hello there I have a topic for us today its something that i came up with, well not really that i came up with it, its probably been there a while, I just decided to attach my thumb print to it so I can call it something, when Isaac Newton discovered the laws of motion they were called Newton’s Laws of motion, so i am calling this the Principle Of Gradually
One thing is certain, if you want to make it in life, if you have to make it in your business, or in your career, or in your relationship you have to understand that in every single sphere there is an ecosystem and in that ecosystem there is a principle and that principle is the Principle Of gradually.
I have been to many events that went through the all night and one thing I loved was going outside and seeing the sun rise, it is simply beautiful, the rising of the sun is not fast, its not slow, it’s not at full speed the rising of the sun is gradual.

I was telling my friend the other day that when am doing something, or learning something, or working on something I don’t do it fast, I don’t do it slow, I do it gradually.There is a pace that is applicable to me that may not be applicable to someone else.
The reason people don’t make it in life is because they want instant gratification, they want everything to just happen quickly and when things don’t happen as quickly as they want them to happen they quit and say it doesn’t work, they do not understand that all things function by the principle of gradually.
Just like trees dont grow overnight, they grow gradually
Plants don’t grow at once, they grow gradually, flowers don’t bloom overnight they bloom gradually.
When a baby is born, that baby cannot just become a full grown adult at once, the baby grows to become an adult gradually
Things dont always happen as quickly as you want them to happen, things doesn’t happen fast and they do not happen slow, things happen gradually.

The principle of gradually has made it so that things should happen bit by bit, step by step, phase after phase, level after level, time after time.
It’s nowonder there are grades in school, it’s nowonder there is days, weeks, months and years, it’s nowonder there is morning, afternoon, evening and night.
You cannot just become rich immediately, you can not become successful overnight, you cannot just have all you want at once you have got to understand that success submits to the principle of gradually
Growth happens gradually.
Organizations and businesses are built gradually.
People develop and mature gradually.
Success happens gradually.
There is a saying that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

It’s going to take you a while to succeed, and a while to reach your goals, and a while to get all you want in life and a while to become your best.
Don’t be discouraged,don’t quit just because things are not happening as quickly or as fast as you want them to happen keep pressing, keep moving, you will win if you don’t give up.
The principle of gradually works by process, patience, persistence and a willingness to wait.

Thank you for reading this segment today, let me know how it has impacted on you.


In 1961 the former president of the United State America John F Kennedy said to the American public and to the world that “We are going to the moon” and no country on earth had ever made that kind of bold declaration.

Now I would love to ask, how did he come to the place to make that decision? did the technology, the engineers and the budget suggest that this could be done? emphatically No.
The engineers had no clue, computers did not exist, there was no technology that suggested that this is how it can be done, there was no plan of action that suggested that if we do this and that it would give us the capacity to go to the moon, absolutely no, none of those things existed.
But how did he come to the conclusion that he could make the decision and make that declaration to the world.

May I submit to you that it happened with only five words.
John F Kennedy looked at Wernher Von Braun who was one of the most brilliant Germany scientist at that time and asked him what will it take for us to go to the moon? And without blinking Wernher Von Braun said “The Will To Do It”….wow!
That was all that was said, “The Will To Do It” and surely they did go to the moon and the rest is history

Here is the point
What will it take for you to achieve the success that you want? The will to do it.
What will it take for you to live your dreams? The will to do it.
What will it take for you to go to school and further your education? The will to do it.
What will it take for you to be rich? The will to do it.
What will it take for you to travel the world? The will to do it.
What will it take for you to make more money? The will to do it.
What will it take for you to win, to be happy, to get out of debt, to overcome bad habits, it’s “The Will To Do It”

Were there is a will guess what? there is a way
Thank you for reading


Defined as the reason for which something exists, is made, and done
All of us were created with and for a purpose, there is not a single one of us here on earth who exists without purpose
God had a purpose for creating you and he created you with a purpose
You carry purpose within you don’t live for nothing
You were created because there was something God wanted done here on earth that required you to be done, something that only you can do and initiate
You have a responsibility to yourself to find out what the purpose for your life is and to fulfil it. Find out what the reason for your being is and why you exist.
So now how can you discover your purpose

The first thing you must do to discover your purpose is to develop a strong sense of self. know who you are and what fits for you, ask yourself the question, who am I, what do I have within me, what resonates with me, what turns me on, what is it that defines me, what’s my significance, until you know who you are you can never know what your purpose is.

The second is to find out what your passions and gifts are
Find out what it is that you are passionate about, something you love to do, find out what your gift and talent is and the other thing is to find out what your life’s work is because all of these act as indicators for what your purpose is.
Once you find what your purpose is then set out to fulfil it and part of what you must do to fulfil that purpose is accept who you are and be aware of it, follow your passions, embrace your gifts.

Thank you for reading